• Shifter parts for a 1975 SOHC Honda CB750

    Engine Rebuild #5 (Shifter Assembly Part B)

    Part B of the shifter assembly rebuild.  The first video (Part A) covered all items inside the engine case, mainly the shifter drum and transmission forks.  This video covers all items…

  • SOHC Honda Shifter In the Motorcycle

    Engine Rebuild #4 (Shifter Assembly Part A)

    This goes over the rebuild of the shifter drum, shifter forks, and fork shaft into the transmission.  Part two of this video will go over the parts outside the engine case that…

  • One of the two transmission shafts on the 1975 Honda CB750.  This one has the primary chain sprockets and clutch also attached.

    Engine Rebuild #3 (Transmission)

    This is shows the rebuild and reassembly and placement of the two CB750 transmission gears into the motorcycle’s engine case.  It’s important to get the gear placement correct and line up…

  • Drive Sprocket for a 1975 Honda CB750

    Engine Rebuild #2 (Drive Sprocket)

    Second engine rebuild video.  Shows how to change the oil seal and place the drive sprocket in the motorcycle.  Buy the oil seals in a kit (I believe there are seven). …

  • Kickstarter pedal for a 1975 SOHC Honda CB750 Super Sport

    Engine Rebuild #1 (Kickstarter)

    This is the first video post for the lower end engine rebuild showing how to reassemble a SOHC CB750 kickstarter.  You must torque the dual spring when placing it into the motorcycle.…

  • CB750 Super Sport build

    Engine Tips

    This will be an ongoing post on Motobonita.  A collection of tips for working on the engine of the Honda CB750. Inspect Valve Guide Freedom (or Play, or Wobble) This is…

  • Impact Screw Driver


    This will be another ongoing section. Because I’m only through the engine (August 2015), I’m sure there will other items as I move to wheels, brakes, etc. Here are some items…

  • CB750 Shop and Clymer's Manual


    There are two main pieces of documentation you’ll need before getting started on the motorcycle. Some of these links are also in the online resources post. Shop Manual: The shop manual…

  • Our Garage - San Jose, CA

    Scope of Work

    I completely underestimated how difficult the motorcycle rebuild would be when I got into it.  This is a short list of things you can expect to do. To set the stage,…

  • Mac Computer

    Online Resources

    The internet is true amazing.  It allows you to learn anything you want and buy just about anything you want.  When building a motorcycle that hasn’t been in production for 40…