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The internet is true amazing.  It allows you to learn anything you want and buy just about anything you want.  When building a motorcycle that hasn’t been in production for 40 years, this is extremely important.  Below are a list of online resources I’ve used to help me on the 750.

  1. – I use this site because it seems to be the only place with ’75 Super Sport Parts Fiche diagrams.  All the other sites I’ve found only give me “K” drawings, or the drawings for the normal, non Super Sport version.
  2. 4into1 – Great resource for aftermarket parts.  It’s local to me in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I just will call my orders and pick them up.
  3. Partzilla – US based parts warehouse.  Sells new, manufacturer produced, equipment.
  4. CMSNL – Place to go if you can’t find parts anywhere else.  They have a large collection of “new old stock” parts.  Or, unopened parts manufactured back when Honda was still servicing the motorcycle.
  5. Honda4Fun – Italian website that has a bunch of Service Manuals, Parts Manuals, and other vital documentation to rebuild a vintage motorcycle.
  6. Mr. Metric – Best place I’ve found to buy metric hardware.  They have everything in every common measurement (5mm or 10mm increments).  If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can order online and pick up at will call.  This place is pennies on the dollar compared to what you’ll buy a Honda piece of hardware for, if you can actually get it!
  7. Dynoman – Texas based manufacturer of engine parts.  If you have to replace engine parts or want to upgrade to a larger displacement, like I am doing, these are a great resource.  I purchased new pistons, valve springs, and a cam from them to upgrade my bike from a 750cc to an 836cc.  This made a lot of sense because I had to replace all four pistons anyway.
  8. CycleXchange – Racer inspired parts house mostly for engines.  They make parts here, so they have a lot of items than nobody else has.  This is the only outfit on the list that isn’t a straight retailer.  Pretty amazing stuff.  I used them to by cryo treated primary and cam chains.  I’ll definitely use them some more.
  9. HackaWeek – This guy is building a CB750 at the same time as I and is documenting it step-by-step on Youtube.  He does a great job.  I don’t agree on all his rebuild decisions, but he really provides an excellent basis of knowledge and has amazing how-to videos.
  10. Torque Specs – Torque Specs for the CB750.  For general hardware sizes and for specific items.

As an aside, I’ve never used Ebay for anything.  It would be the last on my list and I just haven’t had to go to it yet.

Another thing.  Most of these sites ship UPS.  Signing up for myUPS makes getting your packages delivered incredibly easy.  If you have a normal work schedule, like I do, get your packages delivered at a UPS store and pick them up at your leisure instead of being a slave to the UPS man’s schedule.

I’ll ad more links when I get past the engine.

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