There are two main pieces of documentation you’ll need before getting started on the motorcycle. Some of these links are also in the online resources post.

  1. Shop Manual: The shop manual will give you step-by-step instructions on how to disassemble, inspect (with specifications), replace worn components, and reassemble the motorcycle. It’s broken down by subsystem (lower engine, upper engine, fuel system, electrical, etc.). Buy or find online the shop manual for your motorcycle before touching it. 
  1. Parts Fiche: The parts book will do two things for you. First, it will give you part numbers so you can order whatever you need. There a million small rubber o-rings, seals, etc. that will have to be replaced. You’ll need the part numbers to do so. However, as a tip, always try to buy a kit whenever possible. Some important ones for the CB750 are for: allen case bolts, oil seals, and gaskets. Second, you’ll also use the parts fiche to tell you how to put things back together again. Sure, you’ll organize everything into nice little plastic bags, but will also forget how to it was put together in your excitement of taking everything apart the first time. As an example, the CB shifter assembly has about 50 small parts. You’ll never get it back together properly without the help of the parts fiche.


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