Engine Rebuild #1 (Kickstarter)

This is the first video post for the lower end engine rebuild showing how to reassemble a SOHC CB750 kickstarter.  You must torque the dual spring when placing it into the motorcycle.  This takes practice and patience to get it right.  The video shows the way that works for me.  Upon completion the kickstarter gear should turn freely.  Make sure to place the pin back into the engine to hold the completed assembly together.  The Shop Manual asks you to measure the inside diameter of the gear and the outside diameter of the assembly shaft.  Please do these high-level inspections before cleaning and reassembly.

A good series of checks to see if you’ve completed the job correctly are:

  1. Is the spring sitting in the case grove correctly?
  2. Is the mechanism arm resting on the polished dowel on the inside of the case?
  3. Does the gear spin freely?

Good luck guys.

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