Engine Rebuild #7 (Case Reassembly Prep)

SOHC CB750 Case Bolts

So, this is it.  Reassembly of the two halves of the Engine Case to combine the lower end of the CB750.  First big milestone of the rebuild.  It’s exciting to be able to complete this having cleaned out the engine, measured, inspected, changed the bearings, primary chains, timing chain, and reassembled.

Things you’ll need:

  1. Hondabond.  The two halves don’t have a gasket.  You’ll use this as a sealant.
  2. Loctite.  Get the “Blue.”  It’s removable.  I used this to secure the bolts on the drive sprocket and the shifter screws and bolts.  I also plan to use this on the case bolts.  For the hardware expected to see high heat and I don’t plan on removing (like the cylinder studs), I’m using Hondalock thread lock 2HT.

Some things you’ll need to do:

  1. Clean all the hardware with engine or break cleaner.
  2. Organize it into the bottom (screw into the bottom) mounting an top (screw into the top) mounting bolts.
  3. Do a “dry fit test” to see if the kickstarter functions, gears shift, and the piston rods move up and down properly.
  4. Don’t forget the dowels that flow oil or provide a guide prior to the case bolts.  One the drawing, they are parts 30 (two of these) and 4 (one of these and an o-ring, part 23).

Some documentation you’ll need:

  1. Tightening sequence of the crankcase bolts.  You’ll find it on Page 52 of the Shop Manual.
  2. Torque specs.  There are 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm bolts on the engine case.

Next post will show me putting the case together and sealing it.

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