Non-Engine Rebuild #1 (Aluminum Polishing – Front Forks)

CB750 Front Forks

Walkthrough of polishing the front forks on the CB750.

This is the first non-engine rebuild post for the motorcycle.  This is a pretty big milestone.  I can see the end to the engine work and it’s time to start on other parts of the moto….yay.

Step 1: Determining the method of removing the oxidation.  There are two, chemical and mechanical.  I went with the mechanical method because it removes the introduction of particulates added to the insides of the fork cylinders.

Step 2: Steel brush removal of the oxidation using a Harbor Freight brush on my Dewalt grinder.

Skipped Step: Using Mothers Aluminum Polish with medium to fine steel wool.

Step 3: Polishing using Harbor Freight polish kit.

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