Non-Engine Rebuild #2 (Wheel Retainer and Bearing Removal)

CB750 Front Wheel Hub

Now I’ve moved onto the wheels.  I’ve cut the spokes, removed the tires, cleaned the rims, and am now replacing sections of the inner parts of the wheel hub.  I purchased the bearings and seal kits for both the front and rear wheels from All Balls Racing.  They also sell the steering bearings in a kit as well.  They are a super good value and are way cheaper than buying the genuine Honda parts from Partzilla or somewhere else.

To remove the retainers, I purchased a tool from Carpy’s Cafe Racers in Anaheim.  I know I could have made something or hammered the retainers until they came off.  For the front wheel, because the retainer was already pretty mangled, that’s exactly what I did.  I just used a screwdriver and a hammer until I took it off.  Here’s how I had to use the tool:

Once the retainers are removed, you have to remove the bearings.  To do this, you’ll also need special tools.  When you need a special tool, something good to ask is, “can I rent this anywhere and not have to buy it?”  As a matter of fact, AutoZone has a tool (blind hole puller) that is a free rental that can remove these bearings.  The slide hammer may not have enough force to remove some of the bearings.  I had to use a trick where I needed to insert the tool backwards and hammer from the back end of the slide puller:

This is definitely one of the most physically demanding jobs on the CB.  Please write any comments or ask me any questions you may have on the contacts page.

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