Engine Rebuild #13 (Cylinder Installation)

Ok, big moment.

I got the piston rods straightened, and am now placing the cylinders onto the motorcycle.

Open up the cylinder drawing.  Everything I’ll refer to is using the drawing and Part Numbers (PNs).

You’ll need a couple of items to install the cylinders:

  1. Remove the old o-rings and install new ones (drawing #: 9 / PN: 91304-286-000) at the bottom of each cylinder.  They should come in the gasket kit you buy for the build.  Mine came from Athena via Amazon.com.
  2. Install the cylinder gasket (4 / 12191-300-306), also included in the gasket kit.
  3. Install the two 18x12mm alignment dowels (11 / 94301-12180).
  4. Install the two o-rings on the cylinder studs (10 / 91310-426-000).

Open up the valve drawing:

  1. Install cam chain guide (17 & 18 / 14611-300-000 & 14612-286-000).  You can drop the pin (18) into the case and drop the guide (17) in the cylinders.  You can join the two right before the cylinders meet the case.
  2. Install the tensioner roller assembly.  (8, 13, 14, 15, 16 / too many PNs to list).

If you don’t install the tensioner roller assembly, it will be very difficult to do so after the cylinders are installed!


  1. Only install the back cylinder studs.  Don’t install any of them that are in front of the pistons.  You can do this LATER, after the cylinders are installed.
  2. You’ll need two piston ring compressors.  Two for piston 2 and 3, then to be reused for pistons 1 and 4.  The least expensive, and most effective types are made by Pit Posse.
  3. Secure the compressors on the piston rings for pistons 2 and 3.
  4. Gently move the cylinder down with your hands or a rubber mallet until the cylinder moves past the rings.
  5. Switch the piston ring compressors to cylinders 1 and 4.  Repeat the process for dropping the cylinders onto the rings.

I forgot the tensioner assembly (oops):

After mounting the cylinders, there are some other items you have to install prior to mounting the head:

  1. Install the front cylinder studs and a drop of blue Loctite 242.  Torque to spec.  I show this procedure in another post.
  2. Install the two o-rings (10 /91304-286-000)
  3. Install the eight gaskets (2 / 12115-300-000)
  4. Install the eight 12mm pins (3 /12116-300-000)

You should now be ready to move onto the head.  Good luck.

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