Engine Rebuild #14 (Head Preparation)

To prepare the CB750 motorcycle head for assembly onto the cylinder block, you’ll need the following:

  1. Open the valve drawing
  2. Reinstall the valve seats (drawing #: 24 / PN: 14775-410-010)
  3. Install the valve steam seals from a gasket kit.  Purchased my Athena kit from Amazon.
  4. Lap the valves and valve seats if necessary.  Clean up the lapping material.
  5. Install the valves.
  6. Install the valve springs.  Received new ones from Dynoman in my 836cc Stage 1 upgrade kit.
  7. Install valve spring retainers (23 / 14771-551-020)
  8. Compress with a a C Type Compressor
  9. Install the valve cotters (25 / 14781-551-000)
  10. Decompress the compressor

After the valves are reassembled, to prepare the rest of the head:

  1. Open the head drawing
  2. Oil Orifice Control (drawing #: 6 / PN: 12238-300-010)
  3. The four 5.8×1.9mm o-rings (15 / 91305-323-000)
  4. The five rubber seals (16 / 91318-300-013)
  5. The six 8x14mm alignment dowels (19 / 94301-08140)

This is one of the most complex parts of the engine assembly.  Good luck everyone.  Write me any comments or questions on the comments page.

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