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    Engine Rebuild #4 (Shifter Assembly Part A)

    This goes over the rebuild of the shifter drum, shifter forks, and fork shaft into the transmission.  Part two of this video will go over the parts outside the engine case that…

  • Engine

    Engine Rebuild #3 (Transmission)

    This is shows the rebuild and reassembly and placement of the two CB750 transmission gears into the motorcycle’s engine case.  It’s important to get the gear placement correct and line up…

  • Engine

    Engine Rebuild #2 (Drive Sprocket)

    Second engine rebuild video.  Shows how to change the oil seal and place the drive sprocket in the motorcycle.  Buy the oil seals in a kit (I believe there are seven). …

  • Engine

    Engine Rebuild #1 (Kickstarter)

    This is the first video post for the lower end engine rebuild showing how to reassemble a SOHC CB750 kickstarter.  You must torque the dual spring when placing it into the motorcycle.…