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  • Introduction


    This will be another ongoing section. Because I’m only through the engine (August 2015), I’m sure there will other items as I move to wheels, brakes, etc. Here are some items…

  • Introduction


    There are two main pieces of documentation you’ll need before getting started on the motorcycle. Some of these links are also in the online resources post. Shop Manual: The shop manual…

  • Introduction

    Scope of Work

    I completely underestimated how difficult the motorcycle rebuild would be when I got into it.  This is a short list of things you can expect to do. To set the stage,…

  • Introduction

    Online Resources

    The internet is true amazing.  It allows you to learn anything you want and buy just about anything you want.  When building a motorcycle that hasn’t been in production for 40…

  • Introduction

    Choosing the Motorcycle

    The first choice you have to make is which motorcycle you’re going to use for the rebuild.  Some important criteria to consider: Price – Definitely drove me to a Japanese motorcycle vs.…

  • Introduction

    Hello World!

    Since March 2015 I’ve had a 1975 Honda CB750 Super Sport I purchased on Craigslist for $500.  It had a current registration, one blown piston, and a completely disassembled top end.  The…