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  • Tips and Parts

    Tip #2 (Impact Driver)

    Use of the impact driver will save you a bunch of heartache and hardware.  When I originally took apart the engine, I stripped and ruined a bunch of screws that I…

  • Engine

    Engine Rebuild #5 (Shifter Assembly Part B)

    Part B of the shifter assembly rebuild.  The first video (Part A) covered all items inside the engine case, mainly the shifter drum and transmission forks.  This video covers all items…

  • Engine

    Engine Rebuild #2 (Drive Sprocket)

    Second engine rebuild video.  Shows how to change the oil seal and place the drive sprocket in the motorcycle.  Buy the oil seals in a kit (I believe there are seven). …

  • Engine

    Engine Rebuild #1 (Kickstarter)

    This is the first video post for the lower end engine rebuild showing how to reassemble a SOHC CB750 kickstarter.  You must torque the dual spring when placing it into the motorcycle.…

  • Tips and Parts

    Tip #1 (Value Guide Check)

    This will be an ongoing post on Motobonita.  A collection of tips for working on the engine of the Honda CB750. Inspect Valve Guide Freedom (or Play, or Wobble) This is…