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  • CB750 Engine

    Engine Rebuild #8 (Engine Case Mating)

    Big Milestone! First real milestone on the old CB750. After several months of purchasing parts, learning my way around the engine, and getting the confidence; I’m rejoining the two halves of…

  • Biltwell Gringo S

    New Helmet

    I picked up a beautiful new helmet for my motorcycles (the Harley that works and the CB750 that doesn’t yet).  It’s a flat black Biltwell Gringo S with a chrome bubble shield.  I got…

  • SOHC CB750 Case Bolts

    Engine Rebuild #7 (Case Reassembly Prep)

    So, this is it.  Reassembly of the two halves of the Engine Case to combine the lower end of the CB750.  First big milestone of the rebuild.  It’s exciting to be…

  • Tips and Parts

    Tip #2 (Impact Driver)

    Use of the impact driver will save you a bunch of heartache and hardware.  When I originally took apart the engine, I stripped and ruined a bunch of screws that I…

  • Engine

    Engine Rebuild #5 (Shifter Assembly Part B)

    Part B of the shifter assembly rebuild.  The first video (Part A) covered all items inside the engine case, mainly the shifter drum and transmission forks.  This video covers all items…

  • Introduction


    There are two main pieces of documentation you’ll need before getting started on the motorcycle. Some of these links are also in the online resources post. Shop Manual: The shop manual…

  • Introduction

    Scope of Work

    I completely underestimated how difficult the motorcycle rebuild would be when I got into it.  This is a short list of things you can expect to do. To set the stage,…

  • Introduction

    Choosing the Motorcycle

    The first choice you have to make is which motorcycle you’re going to use for the rebuild.  Some important criteria to consider: Price – Definitely drove me to a Japanese motorcycle vs.…