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  • CB750 Engine

    Engine Rebuild #8 (Engine Case Mating)

    Big Milestone! First real milestone on the old CB750. After several months of purchasing parts, learning my way around the engine, and getting the confidence; I’m rejoining the two halves of…

  • Biltwell Gringo S

    New Helmet

    I picked up a beautiful new helmet for my motorcycles (the Harley that works and the CB750 that doesn’t yet).  It’s a flat black Biltwell Gringo S with a chrome bubble shield.  I got…

  • SOHC CB750 Case Bolts

    Engine Rebuild #7 (Case Reassembly Prep)

    So, this is it.  Reassembly of the two halves of the Engine Case to combine the lower end of the CB750.  First big milestone of the rebuild.  It’s exciting to be…

  • Introduction


    This will be another ongoing section. Because I’m only through the engine (August 2015), I’m sure there will other items as I move to wheels, brakes, etc. Here are some items…